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Best Dry Puppy Food For Labradors

Jane Davis

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As a proud Labrador parent, finding the perfect dry puppy food can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of brands and formulas available.

However, fret not! This article will dive into some of the best dry puppy foods specifically designed for our lovable Labradors.

Our four-legged friends deserve nothing less than top-notch nutrition to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. We all know Labradors have boundless energy, and providing them with the right fuel is essential for their development.

So let’s explore these five fantastic options to keep your Labrador pup happy and well-fed during their formative years.

Purina ONE Plus Healthy Puppy Formula

Give your furry friend the nutrition they deserve with Purina ONE Plus Healthy Puppy Formula. It’s specially designed to support their growing muscles and overall health.

This high-protein natural dry puppy food contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for a healthy heart and immune system.

Made with real chicken as the first ingredient, this delicious blend also contains DHA for vision and brain development, four antioxidant sources for immune system support, natural glucosamine for healthy joints, and highly digestible rice and oatmeal.

The crunchy kibble texture satisfies your Labrador’s taste buds and helps maintain strong teeth and gums by providing calcium in every bite. Mixing this dry food with wet food can add variety to your pup’s meals while maintaining its nutritional value.

With no artificial flavors or preservatives added, Purina ONE Plus Healthy Puppy Formula is a great choice for picky eaters who need 100% nutrition without any fillers.

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Purina ONE
  • Product Name: Purina ONE Plus Healthy Puppy Formula High Protein Natural Dry Puppy Food with Added Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients
  • Bag Size: 16.5 lb.
  • First Ingredient: Real Chicken


  • High protein formula supports strong muscles
  • Contains DHA for vision and brain development
  • Four antioxidant sources boost immune system support
  • Crunchy kibble promotes dental health


  • It may not be suitable for puppies with specific dietary restrictions or allergies (consult with a veterinarian)

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

You’ll love the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula as it’s specially crafted for puppies, boasts real meat as the first ingredient, and supports cognitive function, retinal health, and immune system strength – all while being made with natural ingredients.

This high-quality dog food is formulated with DHA and ARA to ensure optimal brain development in your growing pup.

Moreover, antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits are included to promote a healthy oxidative balance and support their overall well-being.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food has been a favorite among pet owners for years because of its commitment to using only natural ingredients without any chicken by-products, corn, wheat, or soy.

Additionally, this puppy food is enhanced with vitamins and minerals that provide your Labrador puppy everything they need for a strong start in life.

With so many benefits packed into one product, you can trust that Blue Buffalo will help your furry friend grow up happy and healthy.

Product Specs:

  • 15 lb bag
  • Real meat (chicken) is the first ingredient.
  • Contains DHA and ARA


  • High-quality protein from real chicken
  • Supports cognitive function, retinal health & immune system strength
  • Made with natural ingredients; no artificial flavors or preservatives


  • Some customers may find it cheaper online than in stores
  • One user reported an unfavorable return policy.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food

Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food offers nutritionally dense and crunchy kibble expertly crafted by nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal lovers to balance nature’s finest ingredients for your growing pup.

This protein-rich puppy food contains high-quality chicken and salmon as its main protein sources, along with guaranteed levels of DHA from salmon oil to support brain development.

Additionally, antioxidants support a strong immune system, while balanced nutrients promote optimal energy for your active Labrador puppy. The Omega fatty acids in this dry puppy food help ensure healthy skin and coat for your furry friend. There is no corn, wheat, or soy in the recipe—instead, it relies on wholesome non-GMO ingredients chosen for their nutritional benefits.

The kibbles are about the size of peas, making them perfect for putting in toys as treats or simply serving directly from the bag.

As you transition your Labrador puppy onto Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food over two weeks or longer, be prepared that soft stool may occur during this phase but should subside as their body adjusts to the new diet.

Product Specs:

  • Protein-rich with chicken and salmon
  • Contains DHA from salmon oil
  • No corn, wheat or soy


  • Supports brain development and coat health
  • The ideal balance of nature’s finest ingredients
  • Crafted by experts (nutritionists, veterinarians & animal lovers)


  • Soft stool may occur during the transition period
  • This may lead to fewer bowel movements

“I and love and you” Baked & Saucy Grain Free Kibble

If you’re searching for a versatile and tasty kibble option for your furry friend, look no further than I and love and you’ Baked & Saucy Grain Free Kibble. Imagine your pup’s excitement when they discover the bone broth coating on their new favorite meal!

This dog food is oven baked in small batches with farm-raised meat and sweet potatoes, ensuring that high-quality ingredients are used to provide the best nutrition possible.

Additionally, this grain-free formula contains prebiotics and probiotics to support your Labrador puppy’s digestive health.

Not only will your dog be enticed by the taste of this exceptional kibble, but it also works well for those with sensitive stomachs or picky eaters.

You can serve it dry or add water to create a delicious gravy that will have your pup licking its bowl clean every time.

With real meat as the first ingredient and 28% protein content, you can feel confident knowing you are providing your Labrador puppy with a nutritious meal designed specifically for their needs.

Product Specs:

  • Coated in bone broth
  • No GMO protein or produce
  • Oven baked in small batches
  • Grain-free with nutrient-rich peas and sweet potatoes
  • Real meat is the first ingredient (28% protein)
  • Available in chicken and beef flavors
  • Prebiotics + probiotics for digestive benefits


  • Versatile kibble: serve dry or as gravy by adding water
  • Picky dogs enjoy this food; great for sensitive stomachs
  • Dogs love the taste of bone broth coating


  • Some dogs may take time to adjust to new food
  • A bit pricier than other dog foods (but worth it)
  • May not be suitable if the dog stops eating after the first try

Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food with Grains

With Wellness Complete Health’s Dry Puppy Food with Grains, you’ll find your pup chowing down on a delicious and nutritious meal that fuels their growth and keeps them satisfied.

This high-quality puppy food contains proteins and wholesome grains for a complete diet without meat byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives.

With guaranteed levels of DHA from salmon oil for brain development, antioxidants for strong immune systems, balanced nutrients for optimal energy, and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, this is the perfect meal solution for your growing Labrador.

In addition to the dry puppy food, this trial bundle includes Soft Puppy Bites – grain-free dog treats made with two kinds of fresh meat plus added vitamins and a natural source of DHA.

These moist and tasty treats are great as training rewards or snacks and are packed with whole fruits and veggies like blueberries and sweet potatoes to provide a naturally crave-able flavor while boosting your pup’s antioxidant intake.

Product specs:

  • 5 lb bag of Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food with Grains
  • 3 oz bag of Soft Puppy Bites Grain Free Dog Treats
  • High-quality proteins from chicken


  • Suitable for picky eaters
  • Great for training rewards or as a snack
  • Soft treats are breakable for small dogs


  • Customers wish the bags were bigger
  • Some customers use the puppy treats for adult dogs

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Before You Go…

In the end, finding the best dry puppy food for your Labrador is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But with options like Purina ONE Plus Healthy Puppy Formula and Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, you’re on the right track.

Just remember to consider your pup’s specific needs when choosing their food.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food and ‘I and love and you’ve Baked & Saucy Grain Free Kibble are also great choices.

Happy feeding!


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