6 Best Dog Backpacks for Your Hiking Companion in 2024 – Top Picks

Jane Davis

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We’ve compiled a high-quality list of the best dog backpacks for hiking in 2024 to keep your pup comfy on the trails.

First, the Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack, with its durable nylon build and ample storage, is perfect for large dogs. For medium-sized canines, the Outward Hound DayPak offers lightweight, breathable comfort.

The OneTigris Backpack is ideal for medium and large dogs, boasting multiple storage options and sturdiness.

The general Dog Hiking Backpack suits large and medium breeds with reflective stripes and hidden zippers.

For smaller pups, consider the FLAdorepet or OneTigris Small Pack. Explore each one’s unique benefits next!

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Why Trust Me?

My insights and reviews are based on real-life experiences with my dogs, Max, an energetic Labrador, and Molly, my loyal German Shepherd.

My reviews are honest and detailed, grounded in actual use, and aim to help fellow dog lovers make informed decisions.

Alongside my personal experience, I dedicate myself to thorough research.

I consult scientific studies, expert opinions from veterinarians and canine behaviorists, and feedback from the dog owner community before crafting my reviews and advice.

Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack for Large Dogs

Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack, Dog Hiking Backpack, Hound Saddle Bag for...
  • [Material] Be made of durable 600D Nylon with comfortable...
  • [Adjustable Size] Adjusting the dog vest harness backpack to...
  • [Large Capacity Rooms] The Two-sided dog pack provides...
  • [Well-designed] The handle can help the dog to cross...
  • [Guarantee] If the product has any defects, please contact...

The Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack is ideal for large dogs and is crafted from durable 600D Nylon. It guarantees your beloved canine companion can easily carry necessities on hiking expeditions.

This adjustable backpack ensures a comfortable fit for dogs with a 22-31.5-inch neck and a 29-35.8-inch chest.

Each side pack provides ample space for food, water, snacks, and waste disposal bags. With a sturdy handle to help your dog navigate obstacles and a rear leash hook for added control, this backpack is designed for functionality. Weighing just 14.1 ounces, it’s light yet robust.

Plus, the one-year warranty and positive feedback on usability and comfort make it a reliable choice. Some users have noted concerns about strap durability, but it’s a well-regarded option overall.

Best for: Large dogs frequently engaging in outdoor activities like hiking need a functional and comfortable backpack.


  • Durable 600D Nylon material with a comfortable mesh lining.
  • Adjustable fit for dogs with a 22-31.5 inch neck and 29-35.8 inch chest.
  • Ample space in two-sided packs for essential items.


  • Some concerns about strap durability.
  • Feedback suggests room for design improvements.
  • Not ideal for very active dogs due to potential strap issues.

Outward Hound DayPak Blue Dog Saddleback Backpack, Medium

Outward Hound DayPak Blue Dog Saddleback Backpack, Medium
  • HIGH-QUALITY HIKING GEAR: The Outward Hound DayPak is one of...
  • SIZING BASED ON GIRTH: Available in medium and large,...
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No pet accessory is indestructible. Do not...

When planning an outdoor adventure with your dog, why not consider the Outward Hound DayPak Blue Dog Saddleback Backpack, Medium?

This backpack is known for its four expandable storage compartments and high visibility.

This lightweight backpack, weighing only 10.9 ounces, is perfect for carrying food, water, and accessories.

The breathable mesh and adjustable straps guarantee a comfortable fit, while the bright colors and reflective piping boost visibility.

Customers love its durability and functionality, giving it an impressive star rating from over 4,700 reviews.

Remember, it’s not a harness, so don’t attach a leash to the handle. Properly adjust the straps and use the expandable pockets wisely.

Hand wash and air dry for longevity, ensuring your furry companion is always adventure-ready.

Best For: Active dog owners looking for a convenient, visible backpack for their medium-sized pets during outdoor adventures.


  • Lightweight and breathable design for comfort.
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit.
  • Four expandable storage compartments for essential items.


  • Not suitable for use as a harness.
  • May require frequent adjustments for optimal fit.
  • Hand wash and air dry only.

OneTigris Dog Backpack for Medium & Large Dogs

OneTigris Dog Backpack for Medium & Large Dogs, Nylon Backpack for...
  • OneTigris MAMMOTH Dog Pack: Durable 1000D nylon with mesh...
  • Storage Room: 3L pouch with two 2" by 7" loop panels on...
  • Hidden Zippers Design: To prevent the dog's hair from...
  • Adjustable Dog Harness Backpack: Hook-and-loop belly strap...
  • Specifications for Large Version Pet Backpack: Net weight:...

The OneTigris Dog Backpack for Medium & Large Dogs is made from durable 1000D nylon. It is perfect for pet owners looking for a reliable and comfortable hiking companion for their beloved canine companions.

This backpack boasts a 3L pouch with side pockets, hidden zippers, and exterior umbrella pockets with bungee cords.

Thanks to the breathable mesh lining and adjustable harness with UTX-Duraflex buckles, your dog will stay comfortable.

Weighing only 600g, this backpack features a reinforced grab handle, making it easy to lift your dog over obstacles.

It’s designed for dogs with a 21-31.5-inch neck and a 29-36-inch chest.

With a bunch of good ratings from 3,735 reviews, users love its functionality and durability. Distribute the weight evenly and ensure your dog is accustomed to wearing it.

Best for: Medium and large dogs, particularly those with neck sizes of 21-31.5 inches and chest sizes of 29-36 inches, who are active and frequently go on hikes or outdoor adventures.


  • Durable 1000D nylon material and breathable mesh lining for comfort
  • Adjustable harness with UTX-Duraflex buckles for a secure fit
  • Multiple storage options, including a 3L pouch and exterior umbrella pockets


  • Velcro straps may be too short for deep-chested dogs
  • Hidden zippers could be challenging to access quickly
  • May require some time for dogs to acclimate to wearing the backpack

Dog Hiking Backpack for Large & Medium Dogs

GoHimal Dog Hiking Backpack for Large & Medium Dogs to Wear, Saddle...
  • 【Adjustable size】Our dog harness backpack is designed...
  • 【Spacious Capacity】This dog backpack has a large and a...
  • 【Material】 This dog backpack is made from high quality...
  • 【Special design】The top of the backpack has a handle to...
  • 【Full Quality Assurance】Your satisfaction with the dog...

Suppose you’re searching for a dependable hiking companion for your large or medium-sized dog.

In that case, the GoHimal Dog Hiking Backpack offers adjustable sizing and spacious capacity to carry all your necessities.

Constructed of high-quality 600D nylon with a comfortable mesh lining, it guarantees durability and breathability.

The backpack features a unique design with a handle, reflective stripes, hidden zippers, and touch fasteners for added convenience and safety.

At just 1.28 pounds, it’s lightweight yet sturdy, making it perfect for long walks. Users praise its stability, comfortable straps, and quality zippers, though some mention the ties on zippers can be chewed off.

Overall, it provides a hassle-free experience, but remember that the packs might be smaller than expected for very active dogs.

Best For: Large and medium-sized dogs need a durable, adjustable, breathable backpack for hikes and long walks.


  • Adjustable sizing ensures a proper fit.
  • High-quality 600D nylon with mesh lining for durability and breathability.
  • Lightweight at just 1.28 pounds for easy carrying.


  • Ties on zippers can be easily chewed off by dogs.
  • Some users find the packs smaller than expected for very active dogs.
  • Durability issues reported during hikes by some users.

FLAdorepet Dog Backpack Harness with Leash for Small Medium Dogs

FLAdorepet Dog Backpack Harness with Leash, Dog Poop Bag Dispenser,...
  • Size Guide: S Bust:12.5-15.7inch Bag Size: 3.9*1.1*4.7inch...
  • High Quality Material: On the back of the bag it is coated...
  • Poop Bag Dispenser:This back up is multifunctional,outer of...
  • Large Capacity - Dog bag has a big capacity which can fit a...
  • Harness and Leash- The chest strap is adjustable, and easy...

Ideal for small to medium dogs weighing between 5-13 pounds, FLAdorepet’s Dog Backpack Harness offers comfort and convenience with its breathable padded mesh design and built-in poop bag dispenser.

The harness includes an enormous capacity to fit your dog’s necessities, making it perfect for hikes, walks, and travel.

You’ll appreciate the adjustable chest strap and sturdy D ring, guaranteeing a secure fit. Users have praised its cute design and functionality but suggest sizing up for larger dogs.

While the backpack is easy to care for with machine washability, some users reported issues with durability and fit.

If you find a lower price elsewhere, FLAdorepet offers a price-matching option, letting you get the best deal possible.

Best For: Ideal for small to medium dogs weighing 5-13 pounds, particularly those needing a comfortable and convenient harness for walks, hikes, and travel.


  • Breathable padded mesh back ensures comfort.
  • Built-in poop bag dispenser adds convenience.
  • Adjustable chest strap and sturdy D ring for secure fit.


  • Some issues with size and durability reported.
  • May need to size up for larger dogs.
  • Mixed feedback on fit for different dog sizes.

OneTigris Dog Pack for Small Medium Dogs (Ranger Green)

OneTigris Dog Pack, Backpack Durable Small Medium Dog Pack with Litter...
  • ONEDAY OUTDOOR BAG: 1.6L load capacity with a main...
  • FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH: Interior lower poop bag pocket with a...
  • HOW IT WORKS: Full adjustability with UTX-duraflex...
  • WIDE RANGES USED: Ideal for everyday walks, outdoor trips,...

For small to medium dogs like Chihuahuas and Pugs, the OneTigris Dog Pack in Ranger Green offers durable 1000D Nylon construction and a breathable mesh lining, perfect for hikes and outdoor adventures.

This pack features a 1.6L load capacity, a main compartment, and an interior mesh pocket.

The X-shaped chest piece with a patch panel guarantees a snug fit, while the stainless steel D-ring allows easy leash attachment.

It’s designed for convenience and durability with quick-pull mesh covers, UTX-dura flex quick-release buckles, and snag-free YKK zippers.

Weighing just 7.4 ounces, it’s lightweight yet sturdy.

Customers rave about its functionality, using it for hikes, everyday walks, and even as an emergency kit for their beloved companions.

Best For: Small to medium dogs such as Pugs, and Bulldogs, especially those who enjoy hikes and outdoor adventures.


  • Durable 1000D Nylon construction for long-lasting use
  • Breathable mesh lining for added comfort
  • Lightweight design at just 7.4 ounces


  • Some users report issues with harness adjustment
  • Leash clip placement may be inconvenient for some
  • Sizing may not fit all small to medium breeds perfectly

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Backpack for Your Hiking Companion

a dog with a backpack running in the woods

When selecting a dog backpack for hiking, we must consider a few key factors to ensure our loyal companions’ comfort and safety.

We’ll examine the material, durability, size and adjustability, storage capacity, comfort and fit, visibility and safety.

Material and Durability

Choosing the right dog backpack for hiking means focusing on materials that offer both strength and durability. We need to look for options made of strong and tear-resistant materials like 600D or 1000D nylon.

These materials are known for their toughness and can handle the rough conditions of outdoor adventures. A well-constructed backpack should also feature reinforced stitching, sturdy zippers, and quality buckles.

These elements guarantee the backpack won’t easily fall apart, even with frequent use and exposure to the elements.

Breathability is another critical factor. Mesh lining in the backpack can provide comfort and ventilation for our dogs during hikes. This prevents them from overheating and keeps them comfortable over long distances.

Durable materials and thoughtful design ensure the backpack can withstand rough terrain, sharp branches, and constant movement without tearing or wearing out.

Size and Adjustability

Finding the right size and ensuring adjustability in a dog backpack is vital for our canine companion’s comfort and safety on the trail.

When choosing a backpack, we have to take into account our dog’s specific measurements. A proper fit guarantees that the backpack won’t cause discomfort or restrict movement during our hiking adventures.

Adjustable straps and harnesses are pivotal for a customized fit. They allow the backpack to conform to our dog’s unique body shape, providing freedom of movement.

We should look for backpacks with a range that accommodates our dog’s neck and chest measurements to avoid tightness or chafing.

Backpacks with multiple adjustment points are versatile, catering to different breeds and sizes and augmenting their overall functionality.

In addition to size and adjustability, it’s wise to check for features that boost comfort and adaptability.

Storage Capacity

After ensuring a proper fit and adjustability, we should focus on the dog backpack’s storage capacity to efficiently meet our hiking needs.

It’s important to take into account what essentials we need to bring, such as food, water, snacks, and waste disposal bags.

A well-designed dog backpack with multiple compartments or pockets will help us organize these items efficiently, ensuring that everything has its place and is easy to access during our hike.

We should ensure the backpack has enough space to carry these necessities without restricting our dog’s movement or causing discomfort. Evaluating the weight distribution within the backpack is vital to prevent strain on our dog’s back.

Proper weight distribution will also guarantee a balanced load, which is crucial for our dog’s stability on uneven terrain.

Additionally, choosing a backpack with adjustable straps and various sizing options allows us to accommodate different items while ensuring a secure fit for our furry companion.

This adaptability ensures we can adjust the load as needed for different hikes.

Ultimately, the proper storage capacity in a dog backpack allows us to carry everything we need, keeping our dog comfortable and ready for any adventure.

a dog with a dog backback outside

Comfort and Fit

Ensuring our dog’s comfort and proper fit in a backpack is vital for a safe and enjoyable hiking experience. Comfort isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Padded straps and breathable materials make a significant difference, guaranteeing our beloved companions aren’t uncomfortable. Adjustable straps are indispensable, allowing us to customize the fit according to our dog’s unique chest girth and body dimensions.

This snug yet comfortable fit prevents chafing, discomfort, and potential injuries.

We should also prioritize features like mesh lining and ergonomic designs. These elements improve comfort during long hikes, ensuring our dogs remain cool and their movements aren’t restricted.

Measuring our dog’s neck, chest, and back length before choosing a backpack can’t be overstated. Accurate measurements ensure the backpack allows natural movement and doesn’t restrict breathing.

Proper weight distribution is another critical factor. A well-fitted backpack distributes weight evenly, avoiding unnecessary strain on our dog’s back and shoulders.

This balance is essential for longer hikes, where uneven weight can lead to fatigue and discomfort.

Visibility and Safety

When selecting a dog backpack for hiking, we should prioritize bright colors and reflective strips to improve visibility and keep our canine companions safe.

Bright colors make spotting our dogs in dense woods or low-light conditions easier, while reflective strips boost visibility during early morning or evening hikes. Both features are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring our dogs are always within sight.

Safety isn’t just about visibility, though. We must look for backpacks with built-in safety features like sturdy leash attachments and adjustable straps.

Moreover, easy access to essentials like water, snacks, and first aid supplies is crucial. This guarantees our dogs stay hydrated, energized, and ready for minor injuries or emergencies.

Durable materials and quality construction are also essential. A well-constructed backpack can withstand the rugged conditions of the outdoors, protecting our dogs and their supplies from damage.

Opting for an ergonomic design will ensure our dogs’ comfort and freedom of movement, making the hiking experience enjoyable and safe for both of us.

Additional Features

Selecting the right dog backpack for hiking involves considering additional features that improve both convenience and comfort for our four-legged friends.

One crucial aspect is the presence of reflective strips or bright colors.

These features significantly improve visibility in low light conditions, ensuring our dogs are easily seen during early morning or evening hikes.

Another key factor is the backpack’s adjustability. Backpacks with adjustable straps and harnesses provide a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating dogs of various sizes and preventing potential discomfort or chafing.

We should also look for backpacks with water bottle holders, leash attachments, and multiple storage compartments.

These additions make it easier to carry necessary items like water, treats, and waste bags without overburdening our dogs.

Material quality and breathability are also important. Opting for durable, breathable fabrics ensures our dogs remain comfortable during long hikes and prevents overheating and irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Measure My Dog for a Backpack?

Think of measuring your dog like tailoring a suit. We need to measure their girth from behind the front legs and their length from the neck’s base to the tail’s base. Simple, right?

Can My Dog Wear a Backpack if They Have Arthritis?

If our dog has arthritis, we should consult a vet before using a backpack. They can assess the dog’s condition and recommend if it’s safe. We shouldn’t risk worsening their pain or discomfort without professional advice.

How Do I Clean a Dog Backpack?

To clean a dog backpack, we should first remove all items and shake out debris. Then, we should hand-wash it in warm water with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and air-dry it completely before using it again.

Are Dog Backpacks Waterproof?

While some dog backpacks are waterproof, others aren’t. We’ve found that quality varies greatly. It’s crucial to check the product specifications. Investing in a waterproof option is important if your hikes often encounter rain.

Is It Safe for Puppies to Wear Backpacks?

It’s usually unsafe for puppies to wear backpacks as their bodies are still developing. We should wait until they’re fully grown to avoid any potential strain or injury. Let’s prioritize their health and safety first.


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