Where is the best place for a Labrador to sleep at night?

A high-quality dog bed paired with a warm blanket will help your dog fall asleep quickly. Dog crates are the safest place for your dog, especially if your dog chews and nibbles on unnecessary items when you’re not around.

Leaving your puppy alone at night or while they are sleeping can be dangerous. Make sure the sleeping area is quiet, the lights are dimmed and most importantly your dog has a cozy and comfortable bed.

A recent study of over 1000 dog owners in Australia found that almost half (49%) said they slept in bed with their dog, and another 20% said their dog slept in the same bedroom but not in their bed.

Do Labradors like sleeping with their owners?

Creating an equally strategic location may mean that it is also elevated, that it has covers for the dog to bury itself under, or that it is near a heater that can stimulate people’s warmth in a human’s bed. Another wolf instinct that persists in modern dogs is the need to protect the pack, especially the offspring of its alpha male and female (you).

The dogs wore a device called fitbark, an activity tracker that attaches to the collar and records whether an animal is at rest and sleeping or active and playing. If you plan on letting your dog sleep on the bed with you, use a targeting technique and a discriminatory stimulus to familiarize them with sleeping elsewhere too.

Should I let my Labrador sleep on my bed?

Allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you can even affect the relationship between you and your dog. Dogs with heart failure or breathing problems such as asthma can have trouble sleeping well. But the reality is that you might be putting your health at risk by allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you.

For example, your dog can jump into bed and grab your desired place to sleep, a challenge that becomes even more cumbersome when you have multiple pets.

However, your lab can sleep with you once it’s a little grown-up, has potty training, and is preferably 6 months old. Others like to change their bedroom several times a night and sleep first on the kitchen floor, then on the bath mat, and then on the sofa.

However, according to recent research, sleeping in the same bed with your dog has many benefits, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.