Why does a dog lay next to a wood stove?

Dogs have been known to sleep in odd places. But why do they love to snuggle up next to a wood stove? Some people believe that it has something to do with the dog’s instinct to stay warm. Others think the dog is trying to get closer to its pack since the stove is usually located near the living area. Still, others believe that the dog is simply comfortable near the heat.

I believe that dogs love the warmth next to a wooden stove. And if its favorite humans are also around – even better!

Why do they Do it, Though?

However, I believe that the dog’s need to be close to its pack is also a strong reason to cuddle up near the stove. Dogs are very social animals and often seek out their pack members’ warmth. If there is no one else around, then the dog might as well take advantage of human beings who happen to be near the dog’s favorite seat – the woodstove.

Why Dogs Sleep by the Stove

Sure, dogs might be able to sleep in dog beds too… But what dog doesn’t want to be snuggled up nice and close to their favorite humans? It is no surprise that dogs choose to sleep next to a warm woodstove instead. And why would you want to deny a dog this comfy spot?

More Dog-friendly Heating Solutions

If you have a dog that loves to sleep next to the woodstove, then there are a few heating options that might be more dog-friendly. For example, check out radiant floor heating systems. In addition to being dog-friendly, these types of systems.

Problems with Dogs Sleeping next to Stoves

Are there any potential problems when your dog sleeps next to the woodstove? Of course, there are. Gas heaters and fireplaces pose a significant risk of injury to your dog’s fur and skin, but they are also at risk of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Second, the dog could get so close to the stove that it overheats. That can lead to serious issues too.

If you are concerned about your dog sleeping next to the woodstove, try letting your dog sleep in a dog bed or room instead of near the heat source. This way, you will keep your dog

What are the Alternatives?

Alternatively, you could place a dog bed next to your couch with your dog’s favorite blanket on it. Your puppy will love being next to you, and the dog bed will give the dog a comfy place to sleep.

Dogs are wonderful creatures that love snuggling up against you. If you have not tried letting your dog sleep with its head on your feet, then try it tonight!


Dogs have many habits that seem strange to humans, but one of the most common is dogs’ love of sleeping near or on top of heaters. While wood stoves are a popular place for dogs to sleep because of the warmth they provide, they also pose a few dangers. Dogs can overheat near wood stoves, and they are also at risk of breathing in smoke and carbon monoxide.

If you are worried about your dog sleeping near a wood stove, you can try letting them sleep in a dog bed or room nearby instead. Don´t be surprised if your dog still prefers its original spot though.