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How long Should I Play with my Puppy each Day?

It’s always best to ask your veterinarian to rule out that excessive fatigue has another cause. You should be aware that your dogs are years advanced, and you need to slow them down at some point for their good.

So how long should you play with your puppy every day? At least 20 minutes! That´s the absolute minimum.

How much attention does a Labrador puppy need?

I’ve already mentioned how much labs love people and how they can tend to get your attention. As your Labrador ages, you need to be more alert and look for changes in movement, excessive wheezing, slowing down, and fatigue.

On average, plan to spend at least 2-3 hours with your puppy and train and play throughout the day. Now many people use the words “disobedient and uncontrollable” when describing their Labrador when all that is needed is to cater to their needs.

It may seem obvious to many of you, but many people don’t know that you can’t bring a little Labrador puppy into your life and leave it alone in the house all day.

How long should I play with my puppy every day?

If you’re wondering how long playtime with your pup should last each day, here’s an overview of everything that has to do with puppy playtime, from why you should do it to get it right to games you can try. As a puppy, it’s best to play indoors because it won’t let them run far, run away, or stick their paws and snouts on and into things they shouldn’t.

Remember, since you don’t want to strain the growth plates too much, it’s best to play it safe and start with shorter play sessions and then increase the time of each session if your pup seems to be handling it. To prevent puppies from constantly barking in the crate, don’t lock them until they are tired.

Should I play with my puppy all the time?

If your puppy is very young, veterinarians recommend limiting exercise to short walks and multiple play sessions throughout the day, leaving enough time for a nap. Apart from being excited and well-behaved, splitting playtimes into multiple sessions will help your pup recover physically from each time they play.

In the end, despite all these factors, it boils down to your puppy itself and how much he or she can tolerate in playtime and exercise. Breeds like Collies and German Shepherds need more mental stimulation as they are working breeds. Therefore, it is not only important but also beneficial to mix training sessions into their playing time.

How do you keep a lab puppy busy?

Either way, your Labrador will love getting wet, splashing around in the water, and bringing the toy back to show you what a good job she has done. Bloat, for example, is a life-threatening emergency that affects deep-chested dogs like labs and can turn even the quietest dog into a restless, anxious animal.

Puppy toys and other puppy-focused activities are plentiful, and we’ve found some good ways to keep these little animals busy during your free time. Teaching your dog some basic nose work games like “find the treats” will tire them out mentally and help them improve some of their natural abilities.


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