About Me

Who Am I?

Hey there! I’m Jane Davis, the proud owner of this awesome website. Now, I may not have a fancy title like “Veterinarian,” but let me tell you, dogs have been my jam forever.

Living in beautiful Georgia with my hubby and two adorable munchkins, my life revolves around our furry family members.

We’ve got Max, our Labrador Retriever, who’s all about love and endless energy, and then there’s Molly, our loyal German Shepherd, guarding our hearts with every bark.

So, why did I create this pawsome website?

My passion for dogs knows no bounds, and I’m constantly seeking new insights from experts and fellow dog enthusiasts like you.

I wanted to create a hub where everyone could soak up my knowledge (and the wisdom of others) like a happy pup lounging in a sunbeam.

Here’s the deal: I may not have all the answers right off the bat, but I cannot back down from a challenge.

If there’s something I don’t know for sure, I’ll dig into the depths of doggy knowledge and fetch the answers you need. Trust me; I’m like a dog with a bone in expanding my expertise!

Oh, and just between us, I firmly believe that learning should be fun, too. So, expect a sprinkle of humor here and there to keep things entertaining.

But don’t worry, I won’t go overboard with the jokes—I’ll save those for the playful tail-wagging sessions with Max and Molly.

If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line. I’m all ears and ready to lend a helping paw. Thanks for stopping by, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Warm woofs, Jane

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