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Black Lab Names

Are you welcoming a new black Labrador Retriever into your family and searching for the perfect name?

Picking a name for your new best friend is an exciting yet sometimes challenging task, as you want to find a moniker that reflects their personality, appearance, and your preferences.

This article will help you explore a variety of black lab names inspired by their dark coat, energetic personality, unique and creative options, classic dog names, and even some ideas from pop culture.

By considering these different categories, you’re sure to find a name that suits your new furry companion.

As you read through the list, think about the characteristics of your black lab and what sets them apart, as well as your personal interests and style.

Whether you’re drawn to names that highlight their stunning coat or ones that capture their playful nature, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for the perfect black lab name in this article.

So get ready to discover the ideal name for your new four-legged friend!

Here are 30 more names for your Lab: 

  1. Shadow
  2. Midnight
  3. Ebony
  4. Onyx
  5. Luna
  6. Jet
  7. Coal
  8. Raven
  9. Storm
  10. Sable
  11. Domino
  12. Bear
  13. Ace
  14. Diesel
  15. Pepper
  16. Guinness
  17. Magnum
  18. Jettison
  19. Obsidian
  20. Thunder
  21. Cole
  22. Hershey
  23. Vader
  24. Nova
  25. Ember
  26. Licorice
  27. Pantera
  28. Bolt
  29. Zorro
  30. Diablo

Names Inspired by their Dark Coat

When it comes to naming your black lab, their dark coat can provide a world of inspiration. There’s nothin’ quite like giving ’em a name that highlights their sleek, ebony fur. Dark coat symbolism can be found in various cultures and time periods, representing mystery, elegance, and even power. The color black has long been associated with sophistication, and your black lab deserves a name that reflects their regal appearance.

Consider names that evoke the beauty and grace of their inky coat, such as Midnight, Ebony, or Onyx.

Noir inspired names are another great option to consider for your black lab. The noir genre is known for its dark, moody atmospheres and striking visual contrasts, making it a fitting source of inspiration for your pup’s name. Draw from classic noir films, literature, or even famous noir characters to find a name that captures the essence of your black lab’s dark coat and mysterious allure.

Names like Bogart (after the famous actor Humphrey Bogart), Marlowe (after the fictional detective Philip Marlowe), or Gatsby (from the iconic novel The Great Gatsby) can add a touch of vintage glamour and intrigue to your black lab’s identity.

Names Reflecting their Energetic Personality

You’ll find that energetic pups often suit monikers like ‘Bolt,’ ‘Zoom,’ or ‘Rocket,’ which perfectly capture their lively spirit!

Exploring colorful names that reflect their boundless energy can be a fun and creative way to showcase your black lab’s personality. Energetic names often evoke images of speed, agility, and excitement, which is perfect for an active black lab that loves to run, play, and explore. Think about names like ‘Dash,’ ‘Zippy,’ or ‘Breeze’ that convey a sense of movement and energy.

When considering energetic duo ideas for your black lab, think about pairing names that complement each other and reflect their high-spirited nature. Names such as ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning,’ ‘Chase’ and ‘Race,’ or ‘Surge’ and ‘Spark’ are excellent examples of dynamic duos that highlight your black lab’s energy and enthusiasm.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your naming choices and select a name that truly embodies the essence of your energetic black lab.

Unique and Creative Monikers

Diving into unique and creative monikers for your energetic pup can be an exciting adventure, allowing you to explore options that not only highlight their vibrant personality but also set them apart from the crowd.

Exploring cultural influences can be a great way to find that perfect and distinctive name for your black lab. For instance, you might consider names inspired by African, Celtic, or Native American cultures, each offering a wealth of unique and meaningful options. By delving into various cultural traditions, you can find a name that not only resonates with your dog’s spirit but also honors the rich tapestry of global influences that shape our world.

Pairing with other pets in your household can also be a fun and creative way to choose a unique name for your black lab. If you have other pets with themed names, you might consider continuing that theme with your new addition. For example, if you have cats named after famous artists, you might name your black lab after a renowned painter or sculptor. Alternatively, you can play with words and select a name that creates a clever or amusing combination with your other pets’ names.

Ultimately, the key is to be open-minded and think outside the box when selecting a unique and creative moniker for your energetic black lab.

Classic Dog Names for Black Labs

Embracing classic dog names can stir up warm feelings of nostalgia and timeless charm for your beloved pup. As you consider naming your black Labrador, it’s important to recognize the rich history of Labradors and the unique place they hold in our hearts.

Originating from Newfoundland, Canada, Labradors have been cherished by their owners for their intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature. By choosing a classic name for your black Lab, you’ll be paying homage to this breed’s storied past and the countless Labradors that have come before yours.

Incorporating Black Lab mythology into your dog’s name is another way to celebrate their heritage and deep-rooted connection with mankind. Some classic names inspired by mythology include Orion (the great hunter), Artemis (goddess of the hunt), and Sirius (the dog star).

Other timeless names can be derived from famous Labradors in history, such as Endal, a service dog known for his intelligence and assistance to his disabled owner, or Nigger, the devoted companion of Wing Commander Guy Gibson during World War II, whose name should be changed to something less offensive today.

Ultimately, the name you choose for your black Lab should reflect their personality and the special bond you share, while also acknowledging the rich traditions and history of this remarkable breed.

Pop Culture-Inspired Name Ideas

If you’re a fan of movies, TV shows, or books, it’s only natural to want to name your pup after a beloved character or celebrity. Pop culture-inspired names can be both unique and fun, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a name that perfectly suits your black Labrador.

Celebrity Labradors and movie-inspired names can help you find inspiration and show off your favorite fandoms. Here are some pop culture-inspired name ideas for your black Lab:

  • Loki: Inspired by the mischievous Norse god and Marvel character, perfect for a playful pup.
  • Darth: For the Star Wars fan who appreciates a strong, loyal companion like Darth Vader.
  • Koda: From the animated film ‘Brother Bear,’ Koda is a spirited and lovable character.
  • Dory: A tribute to the unforgettable forgetful fish from ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory.’
  • Eleven: Inspired by the mysterious and powerful character from the TV series ‘Stranger Things.’

Choosing a pop culture-inspired name for your black Lab can be an enjoyable way to showcase your personality and interests, as well as create a special bond between you and your pup. Just remember to pick a name that you’ll be comfortable calling out in public and that will stand the test of time, even as your pop culture preferences may change.


In conclusion, finding the perfect name for your black lab can be a fun and exciting experience. Consider their dark coat, energetic personality, or even pop culture references to find a name that truly reflects their unique essence.

Remember, the best name for your black lab is one that resonates with both you and your furry friend. So take your time and explore various options. You’ll soon find the perfect moniker that suits your beloved companion.

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