How To Calm a Labrador Puppy Down

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Sometimes people might want to calm down a puppy because the puppy is too excited. Puppies can get excited when they see new things, when they meet new people, or when they are playing. When puppies get too excited, it can be hard to control them. People might want to calm down a puppy to … Read more

How to Tickle a Dog

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People often struggle with tickling their Labrador because they don’t know how to do it properly. You need to keep a few key things in mind to make sure your dog enjoys the experience. First, be gentle when you’re tickling your dog. You don’t want to hurt them or scare them. Start by petting them … Read more

How to Introduce a Labrador into your Household

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You might want to learn how to introduce a Labrador into your household because you just got a new Labrador, or maybe your old one died, and you want a new one. One of the biggest challenges people have when introducing a new Labrador into their household is that they may not know how to … Read more

How to Teach your Labrador New Tricks

Labradors are known for being one of the easiest dog breeds to train, but that does not mean that there are no challenges in teaching them new tricks. One of the most common challenges people have is getting their Lab to stay in one place. This can be difficult because Labs are naturally very active … Read more

8 Reasons to Walk Your Labrador

A lot of people think that when they take their dog for a walk, the only thing they are doing is getting them some exercise. But there are many other benefits to walking your Labrador. Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America. They’re intelligent, loyal, and friendly. But did you … Read more

How to Make Your Labrador’s Coat Shinier

Maybe you want your Labrador to have a shinier coat because it will make him look nicer. Dogs with shiny coats often look healthier and more attractive. Plus, if your Labrador’s coat is shiny, it will be easier to keep clean and free of dirt and debris. One of the main challenges people have when … Read more

How to Stop my Labrador from smelling

A common challenge people have when trying to stop their Labrador from smelling is that they don’t know how to provide the necessary care. It can be hard on your wallet. Learn more about everything you need below! Feed your Labrador a high-quality food Labradors are a breed of dog known for their high energy … Read more

How to Stop your Labrador Puppy from Biting

labrador puppy biting

Labrador puppies are energetic and playful, but sometimes their play can turn into biting. This can be a challenge for owners since stopping the puppy from biting before it becomes a habit. You can do several things to prevent your labrador puppy from biting. One of the most important things is to understand why puppies … Read more

How To Clean A Labrador’s Ears

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It’s a good idea to clean your labradors’ ears because they can get dirt and wax in them. This can happen if you don’t clean them often enough. You might want to clean them if your dog swims a lot or if he likes to play in the mud. Worried about your labradors’ ears? We … Read more