Easter Fun with Your Lab

Jane Davis

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Easter is approaching, and it’s not just the kids who get excited in our house—Max, our lovable Labrador, is always keen to participate in the festivities.

If you’re like me and consider your Lab, a crucial family member, you’ll also want to include them in the Easter celebrations.

Here are some paw-some ways to make Easter a blast for your furry friend, along with a few tips to keep them safe.

1. Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter wouldn’t be complete without an egg hunt, and Max is always eager to join in.

We set up a special hunt for him using plastic eggs filled with his favorite treats.

Just ensure the eggs are big enough to avoid choking risks, and keep an eye on your Lab to ensure they don’t end up chewing on the plastic. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt for them!

2. Easter Photo Session

Easter outfits are a big deal in our home, and Max gets his very own—usually a festive bandana or, if he’s feeling patient, a pair of bunny ears.

Snapping photos of him in his Easter getup has become a cherished tradition.

Remember, comfort is paramount; if your Lab isn’t happy, ditch the outfit and capture its natural, joyful self.

3. A Basket Full of Goodies

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?

Not me! Each year, Molly and Max get their baskets filled with dog-safe treats, a new toy, and something for outdoor fun, like a sturdy fetch ball. Watching them dig through their baskets is as much fun for us as it is for them.

4. Homemade Easter Treats

ingredients for a dog treat egg flour coconut

I love baking; whipping a batch of dog-safe Easter treats is a tradition.

I bake treats shaped like bunnies and eggs using simple ingredients like peanut butter and pumpkin. It’s a healthier option for Max and Molly, and they seem to love anything made with a dash of extra love.

Safety First

While Easter is a fun time, keeping our Labs safe is also important. Chocolate and sweets are a big no-no, as chocolate is toxic to dogs, and many sugar-free candies contain xylitol, which can be harmful.

Also, keep an eye on those Easter decorations—items like plastic grass can be tempting for a curious Lab but can lead to dangerous blockages if ingested.

Incorporating your Labrador into your Easter celebrations can make the holiday even more memorable.

With these ideas and safety tips, you’re all set for a fun, inclusive Easter. Here’s to creating joyful memories with our four-legged family members this Easter!


Jane Davis

Hi, my name is Jane Davis, and I love dogs. I own a labrador retriever named Max. When I was growing up, we always had dogs at our house. They provide us with such unconditional love and companionship, and I can't imagine my life without one by my side.

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